Not Fit To Be Tied

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers ….” II Corinthians 6:14

I’m suggesting that a “yoke” is a significant amount of voluntary union or identification from which you cannot freely unyoke.

Citizenship in a nation is a union, but it is not voluntary (theoretically I could renounce my citizenship and live on an isolated island; but practically, citizenship is not voluntary.) Being born or captured into slavery is not forbidden because it’s not a voluntary union.

For a believer to choose marriage to an unbeliever is wrong. For a new believer to remain married to an unbeliever is right.

I’ve decided that being a business partner with a non-Christian is an unequal  yoke.  So I ask myself about buying insurance from a mutual company or joining a credit union.  Doesn’t that make me a joint owner with non-Christians?  I’ve decided the level of identification and tie is insignificant.  Furthermore the relationship can be easily, freely ended.

What about owning shares in a mutual fund?  Identification with a political party?   These are probably good places to apply Romans 14: 2-6. It is appropriate that I should ask such questions, live by my answers, and be cautious about applying my answer to others.


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