Education Drugs

Some non-Christian influence is like heroin. The effects are sudden, severe, and shocking.

Some non-Christian influence is like marijuana. The effects are evident, but the users feel they can handle them.

Some non-Christian influence is like tobacco. Smoking cigarettes is harmful, but the effects are so slow in coming that few are concious of the process. And even when cancer is found, it is difficult to prove that smoking caused it.

Thanks to strong Christian influence in our American heritage, it seems that past American public education was like smoking cigarettes. Even as the cancers appeared, it was difficult to establish the link.

Occasionally there were some heroin-type educators and curriculum. They were a factor in the establishment of many Christian schools. Not totally – some parents had a deep-seated commitment to Christian education.

Much of the non-Christian influence in American public education today is of the marijuana variety. The negative effects can be seen, but parents believe their children can handle it.


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