New in a Christian School

I expect your upcoming year in school to be profitable and enjoyable. In order to enhance that profit and enjoyment I offer some advice for relating to others in the school.

Most likely some students in the school will not be Christians. They may consider themselves Christians and have Christian parents. But their attitude and behavior suggests they are not. How should you relate to these students? You should be kind. You should maintain a relationship that permits you to evangelize and otherwise influence these students if they are open to that. But you need to maintain some “distance.” Do not be influenced by them and beware of any scoffing.

Most likely some students in the school will be earnest Christians who desire to please the Lord; however, there are differences from you in some of their behavior and/or in their beliefs about Bible teaching. Your interaction with these students can be more disappointing than your relationship with non-Christians, because you are expecting more. You feel a kinship and yet there are obstacles. How should you relate to these students? Be open to an enjoyable and profitable friendship in spite of the differences. Let your motto be: If God can be his friend, so can I. If God is on good terms with him, so should I.

Talk to your parents or pastor about the differences with a goal of being comfortable and confident about your beliefs. Don’t sacrifice your beliefs and your conscience.

In some cases you may say to a person “You and I have different beliefs about that. Still, I like and respect you and I want to be your friend.” In other cases you won’t say that; you’ll just act that way. If the friendship and respect are not returned – move on.

You may have a teacher with a belief different from yours. Again, if he is on good terms with God, he can be on good terms with you. Continue to respect and learn from that teacher.

Differences in beliefs about behavior and doctrine may limit your interaction with some Christians and cause you to spend more time interacting with some Christians more than others. But differences with genuine Christians who are pleasing to God should not destroy the blessings of kinship in the body of Christ.


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