Children Should Know

God is powerful, more powerful than anyone else, more powerful than everyone else put together. God made people. The sky is beautiful because God made it that way. Trees and flowers are nice because God made them that way. Animals are fun to watch because God made them that way, Food tastes good because of God. Families were God’s idea. God loves people.

Everyone should obey God. Whatever God requires is right. Disobeying God causes trouble, sadness, and punishment from God.

Because we do bad things and sometimes have bad attitudes, we deserve terrible punishment, Everyone who ignores God will get that punishment, But because God loves people there is a way to be saved from God’s anger.

Jesus Christ is God’s son. He is God but He is a man also. He didn’t deserve to be mistreated and killed, but God was willing for Him to suffer for us. After He suffered and died, He came alive. He’s alive now.

Because Jesus died and became alive God offers you a gift. The gift includes God forgiving all your wrongdoing, treating you as His child, and letting you live in His new world forever. The gift is for you if you want to turn away from being bad and will receive the gift by simply trusting God to give it to you. Trusting – that’s also called “faith.” Another way to say it is “believe.” Do you want to obey God? Will you trust Jesus to forgive you?

We can read about God and His thoughts in God’s book, the Bible. Some sections of the Bible that describe God’s gift are John 3:16, Romans 6:23, and Ephesians 2:8-9.


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