Opa’s Reward

My son and I were discussing his interest in helping Alethea memorize Scripture, when the four year old entered the room. It popped into my head to say, “Alethea, the next time I see you, if you can say a verse from memory, I will give you a nickel.” (Big spending doesn’t pop into my head.)

Well, she seemed motivated. She immediately turned to her dad and wanted him to work with her on memorizing. He said they would later and she left.

A few minutes later she returned and asked, “Opa, what’s a nickel?”

I take it that her attitude had been, “I don’t know what a nickel is, but if Opa’s going to give me one, it must be good.”

My concept of the heavenly rewards is dim, but if God considers them a reward, they must be good.


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