Dirty Dirt?

The erosion of dirt from farming fields is a major problem. That dirt is wanted. A landscape project may require dirt by the truckload. Homeowners buy forty pound bags of dark, black dirt. House builders like high plateaus of solid dirt.

But a thin smear of dirt on the farmer’s shirt make his shirt “dirty.” People work or pay to remove traces of dirt from a “dirty” car. People dislike “dirty” windows. Gardeners remove their “dirty” shoes and wash their “dirty” hands.

So what makes dirt dirty? Being in the wrong place.

What makes sex dirty? Being in the wrong place. Sexuality as a private expression of marital unity and emotional bonding between a husband and wife is glorious. As public entertainment, it’s “dirty.”

Privacy enhances the precious quality and value of sexuality. “Dirty” jokes, “dirty” literature, and “dirty” television violate that privacy. If you understand and appreciate the value of sex you should resist its intrusion in the wrong places.

Sex is part of God’s “good” creation. Keep it in the right place.


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