Grow Big

Several boys and I were on our way to a Christian school event in far away Idaho.  We stayed overnight in Salt Lake City, in the home of missionaries to Mormons.  That evening Mr. Missionary showed us photos of his grown children.  If I recall rightly, two were pastors, one was in seminary, and the daughter was married to a pastor.  Mr. Missionary was obviously pleased with their career choices.

In the morning Mr. Missionary made pancakes.  He seemed to enjoy making breakfast and talking with the boys.  At one point he gave Gary another pancake and said, “Grow big and be a missionary.”  He said that to just the right teenager.  Gary loved basketball and was pleased by his recent growth in height.

Later it occurred to me that I likely knew part of the reason this man’s four children had chosen careers in ministry.  I’m guessing that throughout their childhood they had heard their dad say, “Grow big and be a missionary.”

All Christians should be “fishers of men.”  Not necessarily in career but in lifestyle, we should grow big and be a missionary.


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