Knowing God’s Will

Occasionally my wife will ask me: “What do you want for dinner?” She is asking about my will.

Typically my answer could be described as a circle. Many things are in that circle. Hamburgers, chili, lasagna, chicken, a lot of things are within that circle. As long as she picks from that circle, I’m pleased.

But some things are outside the circle. Asparagus, tomato soup, sour cream. I never want those. They are outside the circle of my will.

Usually if my wife chooses from within the circle and avoids things outside the circle, I am satisfied. However, sometime I might say, “Tonight I’m in the mood for pizza.” So, on occasion my will is a like a dot, with one specific choice that is my will.

My perception is that often God’s will is a circle. There may be many good choices within that circle. He may not be concerned which career of many I choose, as long as it is within the circle. But some jobs would be outside the circle.

We should not rule out the possibility that for a given choice His will is a dot. Don’t attempt to pressure God into changing a circle into a dot. But should He somehow indicate a dot – go for it.


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