A Rough and Tumble Way

While a Bible school student in Chicago I attended a small inner-city church. There I met Mike.

I’m guessing Mike was about twelve. He was a husky and loud-mouthed kid. Story was that his parents gave him money each morning and basically told him to get lost for the day.

People in the church took him under wing, spending time with him. He became a Christian. One time he actually confessed sin, aloud, in a prayer meeting. But he was still a rough and tumble kid.

I was in the church basement when I heard a smaller boy pestering Mike. Mike roared, “You’re lucky I’m a Christian or I’d pound you!”

A few years later I received in the mail, a dentist bill I thought was outrageously high. It made me mad. It made me want to fight. I settled on saying to myself, “You’re lucky I’m a Christian or I’d pound you.”

Meekness means being non-pushy, even if I have the power to push. It is good that we grow in meekness, even if it is in a rough and tumble way.


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